Platform to scale your Tiktok game.

About Us.

We are an e-commerce company with 90 different online stores that sell in 17 EU countries.

For our own development, we created a tool that has changed the way we do business. That enabled us to grow our company from zero to 45 million euros in just a few years.

We now want to share our knowledge with others.

The magic.


Ads Manager - All in one place. Analyse and edit your campaigns directly from our platform.

Mass Upload

Quickly create up to 100 campaigns in 30 minutes.

Bot Automation

Create rules and let our Bot do the work.

Content Creators & Library

Use our creators to create new content every week. Store all creatives in one place & sort by performance.

Ready to scale?

We would like to help a few brands scale their business on Tiktok. Let’s talk.

  • PJU oglaševanje d.o.o.
  • Brnčičeva 19G, Ljubljana - Črnuče

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